ASTACAP Exams held May 31, 2009

MD/DC ASTACAP exams were held on Sunday, May 31, 2009, at the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, Catholic University, in Washington, D.C. Make-up exams were held on June 7, 2009, in other locations for students and teachers who could not attend the May 31 exams. Taking the exam were 102 students from the studios of 14 teachers.

ASTACAP Chair Lya Stern submitted the following information:

Number of students:
Violinists: 85
Violists: 16
Cellists: 1

Number of students in various levels:
Foundation–Level 4: 68
Levels 5–7: 29
Levels 8–10: 5

Distribution of grades:
V (Very Good) (including some V- and V+): 65 students
S (Satisfactory) (including a few S- and several S+): 30 students
N (Needs Improvement) (meaning the examiner recommended retaking a portion of the exam): only 2 students
Comments Only (ungraded evaluation, given when the student or teacher requested the comments of the examiner but no grade. Student may use music. In a graded exam pieces must be memorized): 5 students

The following teachers sent their students:
Klara Berkovich, Julianna Chitwood, Yunjung Choi, Chienmo Wu, Lorraine Combs, Margo Guillory, Dorée Huneven, Slavica Ilic, Larry Keiffer, Anne Marie Patterson, Judy Shapiro, Judy Silverman, Mark Pfannschmidt and Lya Stern.

The examiners were:
Emily Campbell, Lorraine Combs, Rachel Noyes, Sarah Wise, Eleanor Woods, and Margaret Wright.

Mark Pfannschmidt did data entry and scheduling.

All the teachers, plus other volunteers and examiners, enjoyed delicious sandwiches, fruit, and snacks that were underwritten by our chapter. The moments of teacher camaraderie and welcome shop talk was a bonus.

We are pleased to offer the ASTACAP to our fellow teachers and their students.

Visit our Certificate Advancement Program page to find information on our current ASTACAP exams.


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