Studio Teachers Meeting, February 2014

by Jean Provine

On February 6, 2014, as a follow-up to her popular article titled “A Few of my Favorite Things,” published in the Autumn 2013 issue of Stringendo, Julianna Chitwood demonstrated more than a few of her marvelous collection of teaching aids to about ten teachers who gathered in her Rockville studio. Of great interest were the balance aids: a teetering footboard and a couple of squishy half balls. Everyone had a turn trying to stay upright and experiencing the effect on their posture! There were plastic trainer chopsticks for bow pinkies, cloth “food” to help visualize form, and a fantastic collection of theory teaching aids: boards with magnetic notes and card games, which are part of the collection from Music Mind Games by Michiko Yurko. Other teachers brought some of their favorite teaching books, to share along with their personal practice motivators and reward systems. This was a teaching “show and tell” at its best!

Photo credits: Dorée Huneven

Photos from top to bottom:

1. Julianna Chitwood demonstrates proper balance.

2. May Inge Ruele tries the squishy balls, and Sue Bower tries the balance board.

3. Jean Provine, Julianna Chitwood, Jessica Tai, Lenelle Morse, Cynthia Mauney, Lynn Fleming, Sue Bower, May Inge Ruehle.

Julianna demonstrates balance

Balance board and balls



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