World On A String Workshop – November 2013

by Dorée Huneven

World On A String 2013 roared to a big success on Saturday, November 2, 2013, as about 50 instrumentalists (mostly strings!) joined an all-star faculty in 16 varied workshops and an evening concert. Progressive hip-hop artist Christylez Bacon converted his students into vocal beat boxes, Afro-Peruvian percussionists Jorge Luis and Joseph Galvan had everyone improvising and laughing as they tried out the “cajon,” a wooden box/drum, and Greek music poured out of the room where Spyros Koliavasilis was hypnotizing his classes. This was just a sampling of the three-faculty-to-a-room magic that took place during the morning and afternoon workshops. Those, combined with a lunchtime mini-concert, hilarious musical games after a lasagna dinner, and a fabulously varied virtuosic evening faculty concert rounded out the day of this amazing event.

Photos, Top to Bottom:

1. World On A String attracted a variety of participants.
2. Tina Chancey demonstrates the viola da gamba.
3. Chris Bacon, the Galvan Brothers, and Phil Wiggins become human beat boxes.
4. Spyros Koliavasilis plays a Greek melody.
5. Rapt attendees at World On A String.

Photo credits: Dorée Huneven

World On A String attracted a variety of participants.

Viola Da Gamba

Human Beat Boxes

Greek Melody

Rapt Attendees


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