Studio Teachers Meeting, May 2013

by Julianna Chitwood

Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 9:00 a.m., at the home of Matt Tifford
Presenter: Matt Tifford
Topic: Create your own studio web page

Matt welcomed members into his studio and quickly laid down some basic information. Using his own studio web page as a model throughout the presentation, Matt illustrated options like links to other web pages (maps, the Amazon store or Dropbox) and demonstrated how photos can be inserted as well as text. In addition, the utility of slideshows, student testimonials, Flickr, and various apps were discussed. Matt also relayed his experience with the paid versus free versions of specific nameplate sites and the available customizations. Members occasionally shared their own experiences with various web presences and asked questions throughout the presentation. All in attendance left with a much stronger sense of the current free and easy ways one can build a studio web page!

A big thank you to Matt Tifford for clearly and eloquently sharing his expertise!

Matt Tifford presentation


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