ASTACAP Exams Held on May 12, 2012

The ASTA Certificate Advancement Program (ASTACAP) spring exams were held at the Lutheran Church of Saint Andrew, Silver Spring, on Saturday, May 12, 2012.

Total number of students: 61
Violin: 55
Viola: 4
Withdrawn: 2

Number of students in various levels:
Foundation to Level 4: 34
Level 5 to 7: 12
Level 8 to 10: 13

Distribution of grades:
V (Very Good) (including some V- and V+): 36
S (Satisfactory) (including some S- and S+): 20
N (Needs Improvement) (Student must retake exam to get a Certificate): 1
Comments Only: 2
  (Student plays to show effort, and get the examiner’s comments. Memorization is not expected, exam is not graded and no Certificate is issued.)
Honors: 4
  (To earn an Honors designation next to the level achieved, such as 5H, the student must present an over all superior performance of the entire exam and play one piece from a more advanced level.)

The examiners were: Leslie Silverfine, Kelly Hsu and Kregg Stovner

The following fourteen teachers entered their students: Lorraine Combs, Margo Guillory, Slavica Ilic, Sherry Matthews, Sachi Murasugi, Anne Marie Patterson, Mark Pfannschmidt, Jean Provine, Judy Shapiro, Effie Shu, Rachelle Sills, Judy Silverman, Lya Stern, Chienmo Wu.


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