World On A String Workshop – November 2012

The first “World On A String” Workshop/Concert took place on November 3, 2012, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring, and was received with enthusiasm and eagerness to repeat the experience next year. There were over 80 attendees—both adult and children instrumentalists—including players of violin, viola, cello, guitar, and harmonica, as well as one dancer and some pipers and singers! The faculty, representing many traditions of music-making, taught the students in teams of three in a total of twelve music-exploring workshops.

Some highlights: a Greek-Chinese-Irish composition written by the students in one of the workshops and performed in the evening concert; three completely different workshops teaching improvisation—tools for all; a fabulous faculty lunchtime concert; Twinkle in 6 idioms; a brilliant mash-up of Pachelbel Canon and the rock classic “Final Countdown”; Afro-Peruvian guest drummer/dancers/violinist; a performance of the renowned group “Dovetail” in the final concert. Organizer Andrea Hoag and her large team supervised everything with good will and enthusiastic energy.

This event was a collaboration of ASTA MD/DC Chapter, Freyda’s Hands, The House of Musical Traditions, and included these sponsors: Potters Violins, Gailes’ Violin Shop, and the Mary Kay Friday Fund of the Country Dance and Song Society. Snacks were generously provided by Ten Ren’s Tea Ginseng Co., Inc.

For more information, please visit Freyda’s Hands.

Photos, Top to Bottom:
1. Jodi Beder demonstrates on her rock cello!
2. “From Ireland to America” workshop: Nic Gareiss, percussive dancer; Andrea Hoag, violin; and Owen Morrison, guitar.
3. “Familiar Tunes with Old Spices” workshop: cellist Jody Beder explains how to do a Phrygian mode Twinkle to a full class.
4. Daron Douglas demonstrates in a workshop titled “Harmony and Rhythm Toolbox for Everyone.”
5. Robert Sun learns Twinkle 6 different ways!
6. World On A String workshops included students of all ages, all backgrounds.

Photo credits: Doree Huneven

See two more World On A String photos on our Photo Gallery page.

Jodi Beder

From Ireland to America












Familiar Tunes with Old Spices













Harmony and Rhythm Toolbox

Robert Sun

All ages, all backgrounds


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