Mark Wood “Electrify Your Strings” Workshop for Teachers, June 6, 2010

On Sunday afternoon, June 6, 2010, Mark Wood, on his 7-string fretted electric Viper (range: cello C string through the highest violin tones), led 25 MD/DC area teachers in joyously improvising rock and jazz riffs on their acoustic violins, violas and cellos. The teachers were thrilled with Mark’s virtuosity and the story of how he started out as a classical violist at Juilliard, made the jump to rock music, and invented the Viper to solve physical, musical, and technical challenges.

Most everyone left wanting to incorporate this style of music in their teaching, in part to help their teen string students to keep feeling relevant. Many are also planning to acquire an electric instrument and amp in the near future.

Dalton Potter of Potter Violin Company, supplied several electric instruments and graciously underwrote a large part of the cost of both the teacher workshop and the student workshop on the day before.

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